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In particular, Tomorrow’s Organizations examines the challenges faced by companies as they reorganize to build more flexible and responsive organizations.

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About the Authors
Introduction:The Challenge of Change: Organizing for Competitive Advantage
Part One:Designing Competitive Organizations
1.Corporate Boards: Developing Effectiveness at the Top
2.Linking Customers and Products: Organizing for Product and Customer Focus
3.Designing the Networked Organization: Leveraging Size and Competencies
4.Structuring Global Organizations
Part Two:Enabling Competitive Performance
5.Organizing for Competencies and Capabilities: Bridging from Strategy to Effectiveness
6.The Changing Nature of Work: Managing the Impact of Information Technology
7.Employee Involvement, Reengineering, and TQM: Focusing on Capability Development
Part Three:Managing People in the Competitive Organization
8.The New Human Resources Management: Creating the Strategic Business Partnership
9.The New Learning Partnership: Sharing Responsibility for Building Competence
10.Executive Education: A Critical Lever for Organization Change
11.Strategic Pay System Design
Part Four:Transforming the Organization
12.Teams and Technology: Extending the Power of Collaboration
13.Accelerating Organizational Learning During Transition
14.Catalyzing Organization Change and Learning: The Role of Performance Management
ConclusionFacing the Challenges of the Future

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  • "I had an excellent experience with Jay Galbraith, resulting in a significant senior restructure in June of last year."
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