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In particular, Tomorrow’s Organizations examines the challenges faced by companies as they reorganize to build more flexible and responsive organizations.

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About the Authors
Introduction:The Challenge of Change: Organizing for Competitive Advantage
Part One:Designing Competitive Organizations
1.Corporate Boards: Developing Effectiveness at the Top
2.Linking Customers and Products: Organizing for Product and Customer Focus
3.Designing the Networked Organization: Leveraging Size and Competencies
4.Structuring Global Organizations
Part Two:Enabling Competitive Performance
5.Organizing for Competencies and Capabilities: Bridging from Strategy to Effectiveness
6.The Changing Nature of Work: Managing the Impact of Information Technology
7.Employee Involvement, Reengineering, and TQM: Focusing on Capability Development
Part Three:Managing People in the Competitive Organization
8.The New Human Resources Management: Creating the Strategic Business Partnership
9.The New Learning Partnership: Sharing Responsibility for Building Competence
10.Executive Education: A Critical Lever for Organization Change
11.Strategic Pay System Design
Part Four:Transforming the Organization
12.Teams and Technology: Extending the Power of Collaboration
13.Accelerating Organizational Learning During Transition
14.Catalyzing Organization Change and Learning: The Role of Performance Management
ConclusionFacing the Challenges of the Future

What People Are Saying

  • “A unique organization structure creates advantage. The key advantage of our structure is that the MDOs [Market Development Organizations] can focus 100% of their resources on local customers and customers without duplicating product innovation, product sourcing, brand advertising or other activities that are now led by the Global Business Units. We have eliminated inefficient overlaps and, as a result, freed up resources to collaborate better with customers and focus exclusively on winning in local markets.”

    — A.G. Lafley, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Procter & Gamble. 2004 annual report, pp7-8.

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