Organization Design

Jay Galbraith was the father of organization design and has long been considered the world’s leading expert on the topic. He developed the Star Model™ organization design framework — a tool that is used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Jay founded Galbraith Management Consultants in 1978. Today the firm serves clients seeking expert, confidential consulting services to senior managers and executives in global organizations facing strategy and organization design challenges.

We specialize in analyzing and solving complex organizational issues, tailoring specific solutions for individual firms.

Expert Business Strategy

Whether a business operates locally or globally, Galbraith Management Consultants offers expert strategy and design solutions to help organizations accomplish the following:

  • Compete more effectively in today’s hyper-competitive market.
  • Navigate the complex decision processes that accompany a potential merger, acquisition, or strategic or organizational shift.
  • Solve organizational issues at the corporate level, across business units and multiple operating companies, and across countries and multi-national regions.
  • Position your organization to respond quickly to unexpected challenges using agile, lateral networks, cross-functional processes and rapidly reconfigurable teams or groups.
  • Effectively manage the matrix or front-back organization you require in order to respond quickly to customer demands.

Jay and Sasha have helped hundreds of companies tackle difficult organizational changes and restructuring, including:

  • Global and multi-national organizations.
  • Matrix organizations
  • Reconfigurable organizations
  • Customer-centric organizations
  • Joint venture structures

In Memory of Jay

Jay Gailbraith

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 8, Jay Galbraith passed away after a valiant, but all too brief battle with cancer. True to his long-held opinion that “retirement is for people who don’t like their jobs,” Jay’s final months were filled with the labors he loved so much, helping clients and publishing books and articles. Always modest, it nonetheless gave him humble pride when his accomplishments were justly praised. Jay was a star in his field – and remains a bright light in the hearts of all who had the honor of knowing and working with him.

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