Anatomy of a Business: What It Is, What It Does, and How It Works

A reference book for business novices (high school and undergraduate college students) who want to learn about the basics (and have a good laugh at the same time).

Competing With Flexible Lateral Organizations

This book focuses on creating competitive advantage by building a lateral capability within an organization, as well as across several different organizations.

Designing Dynamic Organizations: A Hands-On Guide for Leaders at All Levels

Designing Dynamic Organizations emerged from frequent requests by middle and senior managers for a workbook – with tools – to help them design their organizations.

Designing Matrix Organizations that Actually Work

Matrix doesn't fail, but managers often fail at implementing the matrix. Learn how successful companies have mastered the matrix.

Designing Organizations: An Executive Guide to Strategy, Structure and Process

Designing Organizations is a leader's concise guide to the process of creating an organization that is specifically suited to the rapidly changing demands of business strategy and its external environment.

Designing the Customer-Centric Organization

Designing the Customer-Centric Organization offers today’s business leaders a comprehensive customer-centric organizational model that clearly shows how to put in place an infrastructure that is organized around the demands of the customer.

Designing The Global Corporation

As today’s increasingly global customers demand more than just products – often in the form of solutions delivered to their sites worldwide – companies must learn to organize not only around the multiple dimensions of products (business units), functions and customers, but do so across borders.

Designing Your Organization

This book, written with Amy Kates, is a hands-on workbook and toolbox for practitioners. It is written for managers and leaders who make critical choices about organizational strategy and execution, as well as for human resource and organization development professionals who help implement these decisions.

Jay Galbraith

This highly acclaimed book explores key issues of organization design and identifies practical new approaches for managing complex organizations to stay competitive in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Jay Galbraith

Based on eighteen years of in-depth research conducted with Fortune 1000 companies by the Center for Effective Organizations, this book is the first to offer specific hands-on solutions and practical guidelines for creating organizations that can compete successfully in the twenty-first century.

What People Are Saying

  • “The value at stake of your help is probably $100M. I will roll out the new organization and the new pillar to my President and the rest of the Senior Staff on Tue am. Thanks.”
    — A client, describing steps they’d taken after a recent session with Jay Galbraith.

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