Do women design organizations differently?

A new study suggests that they do. Sasha Galbraith has been comparing male- and female-designed organizations. They differ considerably in the areas of business processes, reward systems and people practices. Women-run organizations tend to have more intensive, multi-directional communication patterns. They are often less hierarchical and have more egalitarian, person-centered reward structures. And women entrepreneurs typically fund multiple employee philanthropy projects. To learn more about Sasha Galbraith's research, go to her website or download this cover story from Talent Management magazine.

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The Numbers:

  • $7 TRILLION — Size of the U.S. female economy
  • $100 billion — What women spend annually on luxury goods and services
  • 2 out of 3 — ratio of women to men expected to be richest people in the U.S. in 2019
  • 10.4 million (4 in 10) — firms owned by women in the United States
  • $1.9 trillion — Annual sales generated by women-owned firms in the United States
  • 13 million — people employed by women-owned firms in the U.S.
  • $63 billion — what women business owners spent on information technology & telecommunications (2004)
  • 2-4% — Increase in median net profit margin of firms employing higher than average numbers of minorities (women and people of color).
  • 35% — Proportion of women who read the Wall Street Journal online
  • 70 — Percent of women earning more than $100K who out earn their husbands
  • 27% — Proportion of U.S. households headed by single women
  • 40% — Proportion of business travelers who are women
  • $175 BILLION – what women spend on business travel every year

  • Know your customer!
    She might be the one wearing the pants in the family and speaking a native tongue other than English.

    Purchasing Power:

    Women buy...
    80% of all household goods
    60% of new cars and 53% of used cars
    71% of all retail wine
    80% of healthcare expenditures
    57% of consumer electronics

    Women Decide ...
    81% of all new vehicle purchases (and have 95% veto power)
    92% of all vacations
    91% of new home purchases
    80% of home improvement projects
    89% of consumer electronics
    53% of family investments

    But... 91% of women say businesses do not understand their needs

    Sources: U.S. Small Business Administration, "Women in Business, 2006"; Center for Women’s Business Research; Nielsen Online; M. Barletta, "Marketing to Women"; R.A. Weigan, "Organizational Diversity: Profits and Returns in U.S. Firms"

    What People Are Saying

    • "Jay Galbraith is no doubt the world’s leading expert in organization design. Jay joined us at International Paper for a major redesign effort in one of our key international regions. In a very short period of time, he was able to lead the management group through a design process that resulted in a more focused, customer-centric organization."
      — Diana Bell, Director, Global Talent Management and Executive Development, International Paper.

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